Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Hola a todos!!

Hola amigos!! Ahora todavia estoy en Argentina y se echo de menos a ustedes mucho! Estoy divirtiendome mucho pero hay unas cosas que son bastante diferentes y que se echo de menos! Por ejemplo, la comida. Yo quiero comer un desayuno americano. Quiero papas con chile verde, tortillas, y papas. El resto de la comida sabe a gloria pero el desayuno no es bastante suficiente. Solamente se come unas medialunas (croissants). Yo espero que ustedes me envien un email porque si tengo que pagar en un locutorio (cyber cafe) para usar la Red, yo quiero leer mensajes de mi familia y de mis amigos en vez de solamente unas noticias o unos ads. El espaƱol tambiƩn es tan diferente que el de mexico y entonces de los Estados Unidos. Aqui, ellos se pronuncian cosas diferentes como el sonido de la "ll" como en la palabra en ingles "beige". La fin de semana que paso, fuimos a las Cataratas de Iguazu y ellos fueron maravillosos!!! Yo tengo muchas fotos para que ustedes puedan ver la ciudad de Buenos Aires y Argentina en general :) OK ahora, tengo que hacer la tarea y pagar por usar la Red. Hasta regreso o en otro tiempo, Lynsey

Saturday, May 06, 2006

I'm Finished

Well guy's, it's the end of another piontless school year i am, once again, no where closer to being finished. Man i hate school. but oh well i can't do anything about it really. i simply have to keep trudging through the endless academic beating that is UNM. i know, i know. UNM isn't what i would call a difficult college either, but that makes it no less irratating to my senses, or my soul. Man i can't stand it!! i didn't really want to complian the whole time on this thing but i suppose i'm just in that particular mood at the moment. My apologies to all who happen to read this pointless rant on how school will undoubtably be the death of me. The real funny thing is not that i'm writing this to you all, but that i'm writing about it right after my final. a final that i was out of most likely 45 minutes before anyone else. Spanish, such an easy course for some and for others it is the exact point where sanity and crazy decide to mingle and sit down for a lovely pot of tea. I submit that for all it is another way for the world to tell you that you have not learned enough to truely succeed in life, no matter what dialect you choose to master. I feel that a little more of me has been given to the one thing i can't get it back from, College. I know that you are all more than happy to know that school is coming to an end, as am i, however may i say to you all that i Love you from the bottom of my uneducated heart and say to you that you are all perfect the way you are. school truely has no value on what you want to be and where you want to go. It is simply another way for you to shine on the world with everything you have been given and everything you want to obtain. if you find yourself wanting to give up because of what the world screems in your face remember that true happiness is found in knowing your selfworth and all of you are worth the world to me. know this and have an awesome break. wether i see you or not, i will always keep you in my prayers. I pray that God shines on you all with the Love he has shown me through you. I pray he gives you a joy that no amount of schoolwork can shut down or hinder. I love you guys. Always. your brother forever, Cody

Monday, May 01, 2006

Hey kids!

I was just going through my old mail on my AOL account (175 messages) and I found one about the blog so I thought, hey, why not! Well, tomorrow is my last day of class and exams begin on Friday. Good times, good times. Tomorrow is our Mane Event celebration where we have tons of free food, games, prizes, and lots of other stuff. It is kind of like a carnival and it is oh so fun so I can't wait for that. I miss all of you guys so much! I am set to come home May 12th so lets hang out soon! I love you all tons!!


Saturday, April 08, 2006

El Descanso

El Descanso

First of all - it was 16 inches of snow. And yes I read this, hoping that more people will.

I'm getting ready for a huge march tomorrow here in St. Paul, and I hope some of you are planning on taking part in your communities.

Much love!

why can i never think of a title?

Haha! My laptop works again. But still no one reads this. Lets see... i dont really have anything interesting to say. I'll probably get back around the 14th. Take a few classes if I ever get around to enrolling. Ummm. Yeah ok hope everyone is doing fabulously. I miss you!

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

well then

the reason i have not been posting is because i used to have this site set as my homepage but now my laptop does not work and so i have to use my roommates computer where google is the homepage. anyway. school sucks but spring break is exciting. im waiting for my cousin to come at the moment and we are driving out to florida. staying with ryan if that means anything to anyone. you're jealous i know. so anyway i hope everyones semester is going well and im sorry that you have 10 inches of snow alex. im going to be at the beach :) later.

Sunday, March 12, 2006

You know you miss me!

Perhaps not - but it's not the most important issue at hand!

How is everyone?

I'm here in Minnesota suffering the onslaught of about 10 inches of snow (it's the first Saturday evening of my Spring Break).

I'm applying for transfer, for those of you who may not already know. I messed up two of my classes this semester, though, so I won't be going anywhere I think.

Which means it's more Minnesota in my future :-)

Everyone chime in and let's hear about life!

Thursday, January 12, 2006

Guys I know this sounds dumb, but I completely forgot we still had this thing, much less that people were still using it!!! Yay us! Hope evryone is having fun back at school!

small world

Hey Ya'll!! It was fun seeing everyone over christmas! I just wanted to share with whoever checks this a crazy story...i went to my first class yesterday and my teacher said he went home to albuquerque for the holiday's. So i went up and talked to him after class (cause it is kinda a big deal to meet someone from albuquerque out here) and it turns out that he went to academy!!! weird huh? he is a grad student now and graduated from aa in 1994. again with us never ever being able to escape from academy! well if anyone hears anything more about kobi let me know cause i can't stop thinking about him. love yas!!

Sunday, December 11, 2005

Well Hello

ok so ya'll have been teling me to check this since before thanksgiving and yay finally today i got around to actually checking it! I do think that we should try and get everyone to use this again cause i didn't keep in touch with anyone this semester very well and now i feel really sad about that! well i hope yalls finals are going well and good luck on the rest of em! i will see you guys in a few days!!!!!!!! love!
oh and GO COWBOYS! haha

Wednesday, November 16, 2005


I'm just going with the fam. i really do wish i could sty though. i miss you guys tons and we don't get very many chances to hang out at all. I am excited to just get away for a while though. i really do think this down time will be good for me. by the way you still have to call me lynsey. what gives you can't be that busy. just give me a call. i mean come on what if a giant meteor came hurling down blowing up the city zoo's gates and all of the monkeys escaped running rampant throughout the city causing a riot in albuquerque which in turn leads to a new government experament to control the masses and then the experament goes horribly wrong and all of the machines get a mind of there own and start to stratigicly take out all of the major governmental leaders until the only ones left are those who have the courage to fight making it imperative for a world-wide resistance meaning that all money in the world will be tied up causing a very drastic drop in potatoe chip stocks making ireland very open to attack which causes a large threat to the entire european continent thus destroying england our main allie in the war against the machines making it simply impossible to find any thing to do but fight or parachute/parasail meanwhile Cody being not so caught up in all the world news decides to go parasailing and he forgets to tie his shoelaces and falls into a bottomless pit that fell from the land of unicorns thus killing himself. what happens then huh!?!?!? then you will never be able to see me again. i rest my case!

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Sad news

Cody regrets to inform you the he will not be able to attend thanksgiving this year for he has a prior engagement in Mexico. It is an appointment that is impossible to miss. We are sorry for the sadness this fills you all with and we offer our condolances. Please take this token as an apology from Cody and may it still your deepening sadness. ERROR-(20487oihkjndlneqw98238 49198hjiwjqhnjknq98er38) We regret to inform you that the gift we have attempted to send was not in the proper format for this message. We again apologiuse for this error. again forgive us for not allowing Cody to be available for this sad and downcast thanksgiving. thank you.


I fly in on saturday night and leave on friday. So hopefully I'll get to spend a little time with you guys.


YAY! I can't wait to see everyone maybe it will help me to be able to get through the last 2 and a half weeks befor Christmas Break then....renee you should call me you loser since we never talk anymore...which is really sad...alright well tommy you should let me know when you come and go too so i can write it down and keep them all straight...are you guys flying or driving? Okay im gonna go eat dinner now i love you and miss you all!!! Love always, Lynsey


guess what? i am bored again so what do i do? something productive like study for my test? NEVER. anyway i am coming home for thanksgiving on tuesday night and then leaving sadly on saturday afternoon. i will see all of you there i trust. except ali she will not be joining us. and i talk like there are more than 3 other people who might actually happen to read this. hmmmmm. oh well. i guess i will go to class now. heaven forbid. talk to ya'll later and see you soon! much love!

Thursday, November 03, 2005


I would like to say that you guys are still the best. i have been having an excellent time reading the posts from you guys. i still love you all and yes Reene school is the devil among other things and i hope you hang in there. tommy what are you ever talking about man, you, at most, make no sense at all, but that is what i love most about you. Lynsey, you have still been a butthead and not called me to hang out. i mean come on, i havn't even seen your new room yet. just shout out a holla. anyway i still hope you guys check this sight out every once in a while. but if not cool cool. stay up guys i expect a call from each of you very soon.

oh yeah and anonymous. who the crap are you and stop putting crappy little comments on our blog. you suck and deserve nothing less then ten thousand bee stings in you privates along with forty two pokes in the eye. i hope you feel the wrath that awaits you. let this be a warning for you and your children's children's children, leave and never return!!

Monday, October 17, 2005

alright renee...just cause you choose to be a big huge bum doesn't mean the rest of us have to do that too...heehee jk that is a perfect excuse for me to be a bum and post stuff on here instead of doing my homework....so just thought i would let you know...i had a super bad athsma attack today and i almost had to go to the er...im better now but it was pretty much the scariest thing ever...and i had a midterm so i had to go sit through my midterm and try to write an essay when i couldn't breathe...so that was my day today...how's that for a post renee?


I wrote you a note on your last comment missy, so check your tone at the door!

YOU suck at life

y' all suck. that's all i have to say.

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

engineering sucks at life

so im sitting here supposed to do my electrical homework but i cant. so i borrow finished homework from this guy in my class (cuz i have different number to type into the computer) and i still cant do it so i thought i would write here as no one else seems to very often ::cough:: ::cough:: even though they specific instructions on how to keep my attention occupied. i have 5 hours to complete my homework. this sounds like a lot but when dealing with electrical nonsense it is not near enough time. ugh. im sorry that your life will from this point forward be miserable tommy. anyway i guess ill try again. ick. WRITE SOMETHING RIGHT NOW!!!!! or i will eat you. have a good night. i might be drinking later after this homework goes away (even though it is wednesday) so if you wish to be amused give me a call. much love. but i will still eat you.

Friday, October 07, 2005


so i don't know if this still counts as trying to entertain you renee since it is 830 in the morning instead of 230 but its always fun to read new posts on this thing so in that case, hope this helps...except for the detail that i have nothing entertaining to say....um....I get to see karen this weekend so i am super excited about that...it is her fall break so we are going to get to hang out...what else...ooh our fall break is next weekend and my friend sara and i are going to drive down to el paso to see this supercool ska band called liquid cheese hehehe i am really excited about that plus the drummer is really hot!! um i think thats all the new stuff that i have to say....hopefully this kept you from being bored for about 30 seconds...love always, Lynsey


alright so its 230 in the morning on i guess friday? thursday night. i should go to bed but im not for some unknown reason. i just thought i would share my thoughts with you in hopes that you soon do the same for when i am bored i wish to have something to read on the blog. get on that. ready go.

Wednesday, October 05, 2005


SO Iw as jsut wondering if Anonymous' advice helped you out at all? Crazy Anonymous always given those random testimonies....what a rascal.

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

the devil

i have decided once again that school is the devil and so instead of actually doing something about it and being productive i must write something here. not that i really have anything to say and not that it even matters but just on general principles. if anyone has any ideas on what i should write to the judge in hillsboro to try to get my ticket to go away that would be wonderful. i need your advice within approximately the next 30 minutes however which would be about 215 my time on tuesday. the devil the devil!

Thursday, September 29, 2005

Hello Tommy and Renee!!

hey guys, i had forgotten all about this since its not my homepage anymore...super excited that it is being used again though....we should try to get the rest of the group back on again...um don't really know what else to say...the 505 is the same i guess...working, class and all..ooh! i am trying to get to go to Argentina or Mexico next summer, that would be amazing! im looking for scholarships and talking to the people in charge and all...really really want to go so i decided to start early on all the paperwork and junk...I guess thats it for now!! I love and miss you guys!!


well said my dearest. and then they proceeded to say nice blog blah blah blah. interesting. and i would have to point out that i feel dreadfully sorry for you and your electricalness. i just failed my electrical circuit theory test and this was the easy one the semester only will go downhill from here. ugh.

Tuesday, September 27, 2005


Who posted those comments???...What the Fuck?

Monday, September 26, 2005


Im glad to see that you survived the storm. Yeah, my aunt from Houston had to stay in ABQ for a sec cuz the shut down the houston aiports.Oh, so hopefully my new digital camera will be coming in soon, then I can send you pics and such. Im pretty excited!!! peace out, im a go read about African Religions.

hurricane rita

just in case y'all were wondering (and by y'all i mean tommy cuz he is the only one who reads this) i survived hurricane rita. they cancelled school on friday and moved the football game to thursday night and everyone was trying to get to dallas so what would normally be a three hour drive took like 14 instead. gas station ran out of gas and grocery stores were ran out of milk and other things. prepare for horrible weather and disaster flooding car damage power outages more cancellations. wake up to blue skies and sun. there was however one tree that blew over. perhaps you had to be here but it was rather hilarious and dissappointing. alas. i have to go do my homework before class. bye tommy.

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

My Dear Renee

Are you accusing me of sucking at life? To this I must say that you, my darling, are a poopy face! thats right, I went there, you have been served....biotch.

Friday, September 09, 2005

to everyone

ya'll suck at life. write. entertain me.

Thursday, August 18, 2005

back at school

hello y'all i just thought i would say hi because i am back at school and this is stilll my homepage and i still love y'all. i just got my internet to work today. grrrrr. but oh well. sorority stuff is soooooooo much fun let me tell you. ha. and now i am done cuz no one reads this anyway. but write something if you do. much love. and miss y'all tons. heeheehee don't we love texas?

Monday, June 06, 2005

Hello Eerybody.... or you know somebody

hey guys i know this is piontless cause this site is dead but you know i still love you guys and i will never say die.... or until something else catches my attention. tommy way to post something for renee-ne and renee-ne way to post something period. well hope all is well with those who read this and to thodse who don't read it. thats still cool. love ya all still later.

Thursday, April 28, 2005

I looked at it

yeah thats about it... I looked at it

Monday, April 25, 2005


Alas! This is still my homepage and still no one writes. If you check this, post something even if all it is comment saying "i looked at it" because I'm curious as to who even logs on anymore. Miss everyone. Hope all is well. See you soon!

Wednesday, March 09, 2005

My Dear Cody

If I were you...well then..ummm...darn it...I've got nothin.... lets go to Panda Express

Thursday, March 03, 2005

I would jsut like to say

that Well...Tommy is the man...i mean the macho man, the muffin man... jezz...I'm every man, its all in me. (anything you want done baby. I'll do it naturally.) Poopoo. Triple p puddin.

Sunday, February 27, 2005


What's the point of having this dang thing if no one is even going to use it anymore.....I'm bout to boycott the whole thing. GET ON IT YA"LL....

Thursday, February 03, 2005

Hey Guys What's Happenin!?!

Hey Guys how's it hangin, where ever you are. Anyways i think it kind of sucks that no one has posted anything but i can't really talk cause, ya, i haven't either. anyways... i'm going snowboarding this weekend and i have done absolutly nothing else this entire semester. HAHAHahah ::cough:: ha ha................. ha okay well maybe i'm the only one that thinks that's funny but seriously i'm gonna start these classes and get my GB-98 which means contractors license to those who are licensically ignant.<----(what's this guy talking about??) anyway i still miss you guys like crazy. i'm still lonely here chillin with my three amigos James Lucas and Matthew. so anyway give me a shout out when ever you feel like it. i'm still here if you guys decide to drop down for the weekend or something. if not oh well. finish out the rest of your semesters well and i'll see you when i see you. ZIP IT UP AND ZIP IT OUT!!! Humuhumunukunukuapua'a!!! for life.

Saturday, January 22, 2005

Something New

Does anyone else have this set as their homepage and just keep thinking...Man, I should write something on there? Cause I do it about 3 times a day...so now I am actually writing something! Hope the spring semester is treating everyone well, unless you haven't started yet (::cough:: Alex...) in which case you can bite yourself ;-)
-much love