Tuesday, August 31, 2004


any way i was going through some new comments that were under my post when i backed up alex when he was being uncapatiosly flogged by a person who shall remain nameless. (long sentence) but i guess it really doesn't matter because apperantly everybody takes shots at flo. anyway it just got me to thinking a few things. 1. Wow you guys are rediculous. i mean come on you're fighting with eachother through our website even. i mean come on. 2. thats freekin halarious. you guys are fighting through our website. who does that? 3. you guys are great. you never stop amazing me on how many battle fields you can come up with. 4. alex is pretty easy to take cheep shots at. (sorry bro) 5. What were you guy's fighting about after the third line of comments anyway? 6. i think alex would look funny if he was a pancake. i think tommy would look funny as one of those kebler elf cookies, with the hair and everything. 7. do you guys even know what you were fighting about after like the third line of comments? 8. tommy is entirly random and i love him for it. 9. i know lindz was trying to help but where did she come up with the idea of labor day pancakes? 10. you guys still rock!

Small World!

I know a couple of you have already heard this story but I thought it was crazy enough to share with all of you so if you already know it, just bare with me....So I was sitting in my wellness class (a required course at SMU) the other day when a girl came up to me and was like hey, you look really familiar. Did you go to the Academy in sixth and seventh grade? I was freaking out and very surprised. I told her I had gone to AA. She was like "is your name Karen?" I was sooo shocked and told her yes. She asked if I remembered her and I thought about and quickly realized who it was........is the anticipation killing you yet?........it was Katie Waters! Sorry to those of you who came after seventh grade, you probably have no idea who I am talking about. So apparently Katie moved to North Carolina after seventh grade and still kept in contact with a couple of AA girls like Marissa and them. Who would have thought that we would end up going to the same school and that we would be in the same section of a class that all other 1,400 (approx.) freshman are required to take? and who would have thought that she would have remembered my name? Crazy times!!


Hey Steph!!
I heard a rumor that you were going to be in town this weekend. My roomate wants to meet you and we want to go dancing this weekend since we never actually got to before you left...Anyways, I miss you tons already and really want to see you if you actually are coming in town. I love you!! Love always, Lynsey

Monday, August 30, 2004

little late (amber's check-in)

I finally learned how to connect myself to this thing aren't ya'll excited!!! I'm a little late...but hey what else could you expect from me??? So here's the updated news with me...
Me and chris broke up officially today...we was talking about going to the next step, and then he said he couldn't do it because he's not sure if that's what he wants, but since I'm ready, he doesn't wanna injustice me, so he broke up with me! HE"S GOING TO HELL!!! HIM AND DEONTA!!!
On the upside...I'm across from an all black male school and my bestfreind is here with me!!!! I'll get over him in no time! My birthday is in 1 week and 6 days, you guys better not forget. I'll be turning 22!
For anyone who remembers, a long time ago I was in a beauty pagent...well now I'm trying to be in another one...Miss Black Georgia! I hope I win! I'll officially start modeling in a couple weeks, and I'm waiting to hear if I got the part in the movie... I'm so excited.
THis was alot of writing for me, and I'm extra sleepy so I'm gonna give some quick shout-outs, then I'll holla...here I go (if I forget you, I'm sorry)

Lindsay R.
Lynsey G.
Ally (that's how you spell it right?)
I hope that's all cuz I'm not remembering anyone else at the moment.


lindsay and i were thinking that it is hard to check all of the posts for new comments and we wouldn't want to miss any of the brilliant things that are said so we thought it would be a good idea to limit comments to only the most recent posts so that way we can be sure to catch everything. hmmm english is my strongest subject by the way. :)


Hey, here's a question? What on earth is schaldewald? I mean, did we ever figure that out?

Sunday, August 29, 2004

iContribution Fever!

To all the ladies in the place,
With style and grace,
Allow me to ask why the hell you aren't postin?
Shouts out to Fitz, Shana, Suelo, and Kelli - and my boy GARONIMO!!!
What's the deal? Ya'll are milk-cartoon missin! Holla!


I was recectly informed by one of our friends who shall remain nameless that you guys aren't who i think you are. If you wouldn't mind, let me know who you are... also Cody needs to watch his spelling and color choice (hee hee). I'm about to join the college ranks so let me know if there's any crucial information I don't know... thanks guys


Naw you can't just hate on Flo like that in front of everybady. i mean come on that's just not right. i have to step in and say that that is completely unexceptable. we all have a little bit of amo on everbody and we might have a bunch on Flo. but i have to be the firt to say that Flo you'r my boy and don't sweat it. it's not your fault that every hot girl you look at happens to be a mom or like 12. that's not your fault. that's just how it goes sometime. i like to call it back luck in scoping out women. plus if we added it up there would be like 2 hot girls to every 1 reject that you've scoped. 2 to 1 doesn't sound to bad to me. you just need to improve that average by about 3 to1 or even 4 to 1 before you go to collage so you do mess yourself up. but i do not agree with the constant a flo bashing that continues on this site. besides, El Descanso stands for resting place a place to feel safe and relaxed i'm sure Flo feels none of this while he reads blogs that bash him on his bad timing in looking at the oposite sex. well i think i've stated my case well enough. i got your back flo. humuhumunukunukuapua'a mazel poopoo shauldelwald till i die

Saturday, August 28, 2004

Hot 12 year old

Hey Alex, This is Lynsey and Little Veronichiquita. We just wanted to tell you that we saw a girl that you would have thought was hot the other day at the Pius football game. She might be 12, but that makes her just your type doesn't it? Oh wait, nevermind, she probably only had like two kids....that's not enough for you is it? Oh well, give her a couple more years...Anyways, just wanted to take this opportunity to make fun of you in front of everyone on the Blog, love you tons and am missing you already. Love always, Lynsey and Little Veronichiquita
Hmm. So I'm worried about writing my first post because there seems to be some stardard of quality that must be met in order to prevent rude comments from a certain person on the blog. I don't really know what makes a good post but I'm sure it must include something about the greatness of Texas! heehee. Anyway I am here and as far as I know I'm not driving Lindsay crazy. Classes start Monday. Fun fun. I miss everyone so much! :)
There are certain things in life that continue to baffle me.
  1. I recently saw Andrea Walker's mother twice, but hadn't seen her for about three years previous. At this point, and after Andrea's departure for school, her mother is welcoming us tomorrow night for a pool party - thrown by... her and me. She's gonna cook too. What a sweet lady - I'm still baffled by her love, though....
  2. I found myself, also, asking -- "What the hell IS schadewald?"
  3. I closed three bank accounts in the last 2 days, closed a safe deposit box account, opened another, and arranged for deposits into an account in the twin cities with my bank's partner bank there. Technology is amazing!
  4. Did I mention that I'm throwing a pool party at a person's house who has already left?
  5. I'm going on a retreat before orientation, which is right before school. This retreat is for a leadership program, and I've been asked to bring a single item with me that represents one of my commitments (ethnic, family, political, religious, etc.) that I would like to talk about with the group. I decided to take 3 or 4 photos. You all know that I'm not a religious person, thus have no spiritual book to guide me. No political theorist has ever inspired me, and no Chicano history drives me. I'm taking photos of you guys, photos of us, and one of my family. I know that I didn't ever get to talk to a lot of you about my goals in life, the serious ones. I want you to know that you, my friends from the past, and the friends who I will make in the future are the people who will drive me till I die. My life isn't about me, it's about us.
  6. Packing today, I must have moved some stuff with extra amounts of dust - I haven't stopped sneezing all day. It's hellish to say the least.
  7. Those of you who have left have made it seem easy. I can't figure out what to pack first and last - what should be shipped and what I need to take immediately. I'm screwed.
  8. I wrote an email to Neswood - I had a couple of things to say. I decided to share the passages with all of you, also, in hopes that you find as much value in them as I.
  • "Fortes fortuna adjuvat," said Virgil, probably quoting a common expression of his era -- fortune favors the bold -- though the book of Proverbs tells us that "The meek shall inherit the Earth; and shall delight themselves in the abundance of peace." Is it possible to be both bold and meek? If you live with a sense of vision and thrive on cooperation, it certainly is. Your presence and your example are direct forms of leadership. People are noticing you and, though so much else in the world appears to be shrouded in fog, smog and mystery, it's clear that you're offering reassurance, a ray of light and some new ideas. Count on that, because it's about to take you as far as you want to go.
  • If people only knew what fears you face every day, and how much strength it takes you to rise to the level of your faith. Yet you actually hold faith as a true standard; in other words, it's more than just a word for you, and it comes with a special challenge and a true reward. Particularly these days, nobody can accuse you of living unconsciously. And while your past mistakes may be weighing a little more heavily than usual on you, the pressure to scrutinize yourself is strictly an internal phenomenon. People are far more forgiving of you than you are of yourself. I suggest you take their example; there are great rewards.

Good night all.

Friday, August 27, 2004

Long time no post

So anyway i didcided i like liked hot pink for this post. whoever doesn't like can stand in line just like the rest of em waiting to kiss my butt. anyway things are good classes good. there's this wierd girl following me around who has three of my classes but other than that everythings cool. the big Burque is still here being as dull and as homely as ever...just thought i'd throw that in there if there where any cases of early homesickness. i'm glad to hear all you guys are haveing fun. specially jeff. thats awesome. ony one problem... why did you not stay to get the coins man?!?!!!?!?!???!??!?!?!?! that is so not like you. you could have blamed it on a pack of wild pangiuns or something man. be creative next time don't just start running. i thought i had taught you better than that. anyways now you know. well i don't really have much else to say sept humuhumunukunukuapua'a mazel poopoo shalduwald.
later ya'll<----that one's for flo
P.S. stuck here till i die (SHout out to JEff)

Greetings from...you know where

I have finally arrived in the questionable state of Texas as well! Um, I take back my earlier comment, feel free to tirade, these people are a little nutty. Everything in sight is A&M maroon...but they are SUPER polite, so I guess that's better than mean nutty people, yes? Anyway, our room is under like two feet of junk but we're slowly getting everything in order and I have no doubt that soon everything will be BE-YEW-TI-FUL! I love and miss you all and I look forward to hearing from you soon. =)

Thursday, August 26, 2004

Please help me out here

I had a really good time so far (perhaps you discerned that from my earlier post) but then again I have not even started orientatiion yet, much less class so we'll see. There are so many hot girls in st. louis and it's so easy to talk to them when they're even more lost than I am!! I have good story about the bus trip back...We were stopped at a gas station at we were gambling a little. This one girl was playing the game where the quarters are balanced on a little cliff and you roll a quarter down to knock them off. I told her i could win them all for her, and then thinking quick i pulled back and kicked thee living shit out of the machine. This crazy alarm goes off as all the quarters come crashing down. After that i have no idea what happens because i had already fled back to the bus to hide. I don't know what actually went down after that, but that girl hasn't talked to me since, oh well.
ps. will somebody please send me everyone's email addresses and tell me how to put them on my buddy list. Or just email me at jdawg3285@aol.com so i'll have your address. Thanx. Humahumanukanukaapua'a poopoo mazeltof. EAST MOUNTAIN till I die!!

I'm back

College Freaking RUULLLZZ!!!
(And by the way Alex I support every tirade you make against texas. Please continue tirading)

Wednesday, August 25, 2004

A Good Passage

"Nothing in the world is permanent, and we're foolish when we ask anything to last, but surely we're still more foolish not to take delight in it while we have it... we can none of us step into the same river twice, but the river flows on and the other river we step into is cool and refreshing too." ~"The Razors Edge"

I found this in my book of quotes I put together, and though ya'll would like it. Hope everything is going well for everyone!

Tuesday, August 24, 2004

You don't even know

OK. So getting to train these girls is great....i mean great......but get this.....As soon as I walk back into the office from lunch, the presiding Judge is standing infront of my desk with a box.....a box that read....Dunkin Donuts....So I was just like "Donuts?".....and she was just all...."you want one" so of course I said yes....but she was all.."Seeing as I only have two left, you can only have one if you eat the other".....so I was all.."I shall except this mission with the upmost integrity" (may not have been exact wordage but close to this effect....what I was focused on the DONUTS).....So anyway just thought you guys would be happy to know of my happiness.


Hey...guess what...I got two new girls working in my office today....I'm TRAINING them. Its tight. One's name is karen and she is really hot.....no James you are not here.... She went to Pius though. I think I will have a good last two weeks of work......very good.

Monday, August 23, 2004


Hello yall!! i just got on here and read everything, sorry it has taken me so long to get on. i miss everyone already!! I'm all moved in and have room for someone to sleep on my floor...so come visit me!! my roommate is really awesome and she comes from the wonderful city of dallas (bitch hehe)!! oh and we have lots of food (more insentive to visit me...oh and boys i am in an all girls dorm with many cute girls)! well i must sign off because baseball is on. hehe!! much love!!

Sunday, August 22, 2004

Girls in spandex....

Hey guys. I know I've already talked to some of you about this but if you're still in burque on the 26th you should come to Del Norte High School at 7 pm to watch us play volleyball. It will be just like old times. Unless of course you have never come to an Academy volleyball game. Then it won't be so much like old times but it would still be really nice to see you guys there. School stinks without you guys around. And not to be repetitive but I miss you guys soooooooo much. Glad to hear that college is going well for those of you who are already getting settled in and good luck to those of you who are still getting ready to go. Anyways, catch ya'll on the flip side. LATAS!

Jeffrey are you out there?

how was your trip to St. Louis/Michigan and the Polar Bear Plunge? I met some kid from East Mountain High School and I thought of you...I asked him if he knew you and he said yes that he roomed with you for something or other...How is AJ? Are you guys going to be able to live with each other for the next couple of months? Anyways, just hadn't heard from you since you left and was thinking about you and missing you tons...Love always, Lynsey

Saturday, August 21, 2004

Sad Times...

third and fourth time's the charm i guess, it's finally hitting me that all you guys aren't coming back... I am really really going to miss you all sosososo much... much love and keeping in touch-ness.

Fun Times...

Hey guys! Jamie Kennedy was at our school last night so I got to see him for free! It was great, he was freakin' hilarious. Tonight we are having tailgating and a football scrimmage. Afterward, we get to meet the players!!!!! And then they are going to show the movie Troy, always a good one...mmmm, Brad Pitt, and all of us get to sit on the field and watch it. I can't wait! Love you all and miss you tons! Mwah!

Friday, August 20, 2004

What's up from the 505

Hey you newly inducted Texans. Glad you're having fun out there. Having fun with Cody here...My roomate's cool, Veronica Jones from Pius...my room is 312 in Alvarado if anyone from the Burque wants to come visit. Otherwise my number is 505-925-0139 if you feel like calling...


Hey guys! I just got into San Antonio TX (yea Texas!) and am at new school and I'm having so much fun already. My roommate is cool, but has anyone ever seen the Dell commercial where the two roommates and one is kinda preppie and energetic and the other is kinda gothic? Yea, that's sorta what it's like, but shes sweet neways and we randomly get along. I hope everyone's having fun at college or getting ready to go soon. Talk to yall later...Off to unpack all my crap.

sad profile...

apparently, thus far, I have written 3 words. That's sad... People still in Albuquerque give me a call cuz it's getting boring... as much fun as it is to... clean my room... again...

Howdy Y'all!

Hey there! I'm posting from the great state of Texas in the best city ever, DALLAS!!! Eeep! Hope y'all are doin' good back in New Mexico or wherever y'all are at now. Alright, enough Texas talk for now, even though I truly am starting to pick some of it up. I miss you guys so much and just wish that we could all be together again. College is fun though and i'm sure you guys will all enjoy it. My roommate is nice and my suite mates are awesome. Classes are hard so far(I've only had two days) and I already have some homework. It is a lot different from AA, well at least SMU is different, so be ready for that. Anyways, hope to hear from you guys soon. Miss you all and love you tons!!! Texas rocks my socks! (I'm sure I'm going to get tons of comments from you guys on this post!) Love always, Karen

Thursday, August 19, 2004


...a mentally deficient person with intelligence in the lowest measurable range; a stupid person• word history: The development of pejorative senses of idiot occurred in ancient Greek, although the meaning "a mentally deficient person" is a more modern refinement. Greek idiotes, the source of idiot, is derived from idios, "private," and originally meant a private citizen in contrast to a public official. The use of idiotes was extended to other pairs of opposites such as layman/professional, layman/priest, common person/distinguished person, and unskilled worker/craftsman. A person of no special status, knowledge, or skill was idiotes, and the term became one of abuse.

A Shout Out to the Boys!!

Humuhumunukunukuapua'a mazel poopoo schadewald!
To the girls: don't ask

Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Something hilariously funny.... or maybe not... sent to me by a crass friend who shall remain nameless (outside of the crew).

I was pigging out on cheap, crappy Chinese food in a local dive--the kind of restaurant with '50s decor, those stupid wall radios at each booth that never work, but they keep them there to suck your quarters, anyway; naughahide red booths and low-level lighting that makes any food look good--when I had to avail myself of their frighteningly-dirty shitter.
Oh, well. Live dangerously, die young, as they say.
The saving grace, though, was that the men's washroom had the best graffitti around--colourful and crude.
Imagine my chagrin when I entered the stall and looked forward to a good read to take my mind off of business of doing my business when I realized that the walls had been freshly painted.
There was one graffitto, however, which I eagerly read, thankful for that small gift of entertainment.
It said, "BLowjobs", followed by...my home telephone number.
I woulda shit myself if I wasn't, in fact, already doing so.


Hey, I guess I just wanted to finally have my own post instead of just commenting on other peoples. Unfortunately, I don't have too much to say. So I guess this is just kind of a general shout out and official first post for me. Also, what is up with those random questions on the profile page? Those sound like Tommy made them up =)

Where Are You Guy's?

Okay Okay... I know it's hard to actually write stuff down on this site but seriously. I still haven't seen anything from fitz, garon (granted he just got on, karen, or any of you. Come on guy's we need this to work. i suggest putting this blog as your homepage that way you can look at it everytime you get on the internet. this is just another helpful hint from your man C Lo. Later

Not Enough

I was just looking around the sight and viewing other people's profiles and most of the had more than 1000 entries!!! so i decided that i was a little behind and so i wanted to write this one. i know i wrote it like an hour after my other one but there is this girl from baja california who already has 1180 some entries and she's only 16!!! that's crazy!!! oh well thats all later.
P.S. i still can't get over how cool this will be. Oh yeah and alex change the name of the page. we should all put in well thought up alturnatives. Well thought That means you jeff and tommy and ale... uh never mind...

Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Don't Cry

I just wanted to say that I love all you guys and I'll miss you all. Never forget the ways it used to be. I know we're supposed to look back and laugh about the bad times and cry about the good ones being over, but lets laugh about it all. I love you all and always will. I know this is really cheezy but i had to get it off my chest. You were all the best bunch of friends that I could have asked for and you will remain just that because I hope you will never stop being my friends cause I sure won't stop bieng yours. Anyway enough with the sintemental crap. Peace love and all that jazz. Stay real and um ... uh... peace out!

P.S. to the boys: Humuhumunukunukuapua'a mazel
to the girls: don't ask


And peeps without a profile should make one.....why??? Because in the world of Tommy there is only one earthly ruler.....and he states that you shalt have profiles.


I just realized how great this is. I mean I an ask your guys' opinions on things and get advice. Or I can just do like I normally do and talk nonsense. I love you guys, a WILL continue to post stuff on here until your sick of me....well not until cuz i'll keep posting... but anyway I'll holla.

P.S. A shout out to Jeff and Cody..........POOPOO.....

Sunday, August 15, 2004

More Inspiration

If You're In Water,
You Can Swim

Saturday, August 14, 2004

How's it goin'

Hey chicos! I am not to sure that I will be a very good blogger. I am sorta computer stupid. But, nonetheless, I am psyched about this idea Flo. I get pretty bummed thinking about you all leaving me for college. I mean what will I do if I have to listen to my dear class-of-05-friend talk about her boyfriend (or ex-boyfriend) from virgina all the time? By the way, speaking of "Tucker," he apparently wrote nikki a note about how "relationship wise" she gave him "a sip of the sacred fountain, and now he is thirsty because other water tastes bad." If anyone knows what I am supposed to say when a friend asks me what she should do about that, I'm all ears. Anyways, thanks for inviting me to blog with ya'll. Tommy keep up the poetry, you'll go far with that. Ali, HEEELLLLLOOOOOO, i'm glad your on. And Flo, I love you and keep in touch.

That Same Dinner. Just wanted to try this picture thing out - lookin forward to hearin from you all.
Don't Look At Us. Just Don't. Are You Lookin at Us?

Our Last Dinner In The Performance Hall - Just Before The Class Video
Don't Look At Us. Just Don't. Are You Lookin at Us?

I never thought any of us looked that young in this picture until just now. What a memory - can I get someone to upload the girls photo or the guys/girl photo and either load it to the site or send it to me to do?
Don't Look At Us. Just Don't. Are You Lookin at Us?

Friday, August 13, 2004



Wednesday, August 11, 2004

Hey Alex

Send Amber one of these blogger deals so she can join.

Tuesday, August 10, 2004

Some Lyrics (Figure Them Out Yourself)

She's gone away, but still they stay together.
People call me crazy, crazy.
My thoughts progress.
I think about forever.
My mind tells me maybe, maybe.
I wish I could drive away to the sunset.
Back to the day that we first met.
Only believe the things that I wrote.
I'll put it in a note, yeah.
Cross my t's and dot my i's.
Better say hello don't you dare say goodbye.
I'll write sincerely yours and sign my name.
P.S. I love you forever and today.

Wednesday, August 04, 2004

More Inspiration

Tommy: "Man I have no idea what the hell i'm ever gonna do with my life... I mean for real though..." Matt: "Well....you could try living it."

A Poem

cheese...........what does it mean??? Who is the muffin man?? What color are my pants? Dance bitch Dance.


So what's up peeps? I'm probably not as good at this as Flo but that's okay. So i guess this makes me number two on the list of bloggers right. That feels kind of wierd to type but oh well. This sounds like a sick way to keep in touch with stuff and it is also a lot more "professional"... yes? Well i hope this makes it out okay. Here goes. Catch you on the flip side. ZIP IT UP AND ZIP IT OUT!!!

A Little Inspiration for ya'll

If You Can Walk,
You Can Dance.
If You Can Talk,
You Can Sing.

so cool!

i just published this message via email, without ever loggin onto the site... so incredibly cool....

and come on!! for real!! i sent the invitations to join like.... ten minutes ago... and still nobody... slackers... why do you all hate me so?

Tuesday, August 03, 2004

I need some help with this....

So i went through my email book that aol does automatically - and it seems that I don't correspond with many people online - so i need some help from all of you in the first batch of inviteeeeeeesss..... In the first group i emailed - ruska, cody, kelli, armand, tommy, ali, neswood, amber, and suelo. that's it. so that's sad, it's not that i don't like the other people! and i think people like jeff don't even use email. anyway... pass this site on.

p.s. - i can change the name of the site so it's not "flo-centered" haha. peace


No - there is no point to the name - it's a useless excercise to ask. Leme tell you a little bit about what this is. On this site, i can invite all of you (all of you because you won't read this unless i invite you, or perhaps if you invite others) to be a part of this little experience. It seems at first as though I am the main blogger, and you all post comments, but you can join too. I figure this is an awesome way to keep in touch because i'm sure that most of us won't have regular phone conversations over the next year. Please, Please, Please do this with me! Even if you don't start until you go to school. The webspace is free - so we can upload pictures to share with each other and just write back and forth about our lives or what-have-you. Talk soon, hopefully!

Help me please....

So Robby got this idea from Teo, then passed it on to me... I'm not sure it's my bag, though. More to come...