Thursday, September 30, 2004

Woah long time no say anything

anyways what been up with people other than polotics? i'm sorry guys i just cant stand them it gives me a headache. don't know what i'm gonna do with all you political guys. anyways things are good. i haven't heard from a number of you guys. where's the love. and i know i haven't called any of you guys but i don't really know the best way to do that and plus i've been kind of hammered with easy work. easy but a lot. Flo i'm glad to hear that you are doin as expected over there. A Flo For Prez yo!!!. for reals though. talk to me guys just hanging on by myself here. oh well that should be it. Alex Shaldewald!!! Holla back!

i never knew

Ya'll did you know that me and suelo are 20 freakin minutes from each other and i just found this out.

I'm on Fall Break

Alex, you should invite Chloe to join so she can leave updates on how colorado college is. By the way, Lynsey and Cody, we are leaving in a few minutes to come down and party with you. Hope everyone is having fun.

Wednesday, September 29, 2004


Ya boi just pulled the 3rd highest vote tally in the school to be elected to studen gov, we're doin BIG THANGS BABY!! F complacency, I got stuff to do - i'm out!


So I woke up sunday morning with a huge rash on my face, and I couldn't figure out what the hell was going on...First there was alot of little bumps, then there were a lot of little bumps with some big ones, then it went back to little ones again, then it just started to hurt and burn alot...does anyone know what the hell this could be? Tell me how the hell I managed to get sunburned on my face, and not just my face but specifically around my mouth.....and oh my goodness it hurts to eat smile laugh talk....basically it hurts to be awake. Does anyone know how long sunburns last or how long it might possibly take for it to go away? I look like a mutant! And Lynsey-I loved the card, you really made my day. I'll be home from october 15-19 so please please please keep your schedule open, or just drag me along with you...cody too! Love ya'll.

Dole or Gore anyone? How about both

So we have these things called Tate lectures. They are sponsored by extremely wealthy people, or corporations or what have you, and they bring in some pretty big names to give a lecture/speech. They are pretty big events and a lot of people from the surrounding community come to them. In fact, students aren't even permitted to buy tickets until like an hour before the lecture starts. As weird as it is, they are kinda supposed to be for the community and students act almost like seat fillers the way I understand it. Anyways, tonights debate was between .....are you ready for this one?.....Al Gore and Bob Dole and was mediated by David Gergen. As a PS, I was offered a chance to go to the lecture free of charge and somehow I stupidly forgot to respond to the e-mail in time (first 20 to respond got a ticket) and wasn't able to get a ticket. However, another perk to being a PS, there was a special reception after the lecture in which all PS's were allowed to attend. So that was this evening (tuesday night) and I got to meet Gore, Dole, and Gergen!!! I stood right next to Gore in one of our group pics and shook his hand, took an individual pic with Dole and had Dole and Gergen sign a ticket for one of my friends. Dole is really old but he is really funny. He has a quick wit and is always making jokes and was really friendly. He took pics with everyone there, even the wait staff which I thought was really cool. Gore has a thing for cookies apparently. The first thing he did when he came into the reception room was grab a cookie and he honestly ate it in two bites. He proceeded to eat at least two more cookies and took some to go. Funny times. :) That turned out to be a very long story. My bad. Hope y'all are doing well! Love and miss you guys like none other!
Much love

Monday, September 27, 2004


Happier Kerryer News!

So here's my little scoop (that i tried to get on earlier but i couldn't...) Kerry was on campus Friday, right next to my dorm. literally. Right outside. It was the coolest thing in the world actually, there were like 40,000 people here and made me really happy for the fate of our country :) I'm very optimistic that I might make it through the next 4 years without having to leave the county. I'm trying to figure out how to upload some pictures but my mac appears to be incompatible :( anyway that's my fun story! yay kerry! 8 more days to register guys!!! WOOO!!!

uh...don't think this is normal

Hey everyone! Yeah so just thought this was a scary kinda strange story...
so as some of you know Veronica and I drove down to Las Cruces this weekend to see the lobos play the aggies and the day we left one of the RAs sets of keys got stolen so the whole building was under lockdown and everything and so we had multiple guards at each door and we all got woken up at like 3 in the morning cause the security guards were banging on doors asking everyone if they had seen the set of keys. This was all Friday night and we left early Saturday for Cruces. When we got back we asked one of the girls down the hall if they had found the RAs keys. She said that they had that the RA had just misplaced them and she started telling us that also on Friday night there was some guy on the first floor in our same room just two floors downw that got arrested because he was waving a gun around in the hallway. Someone called the cops and they came and arrested him and searched his room. As it turns out, he had 5 or 6 guns in his room, tons and tons of alcohol, and multiple different drugs. None of us heard anything about it the girl who told us said that her grandma saw it on the news and then called her to see if she was alright. otherwise, we would have had no clue that anything even happened....anyways, just thought that was kinda and miss you all, Lynsey

Sunday, September 26, 2004

A Sobering Effect...

The blog is withering away - two or three consistent contributors. I feel as though I am wasting away with it. I received a shock today that short little ali feels as though she is being neglected way up there wherever she went to school - but I feel neglected by the scores of people who aren't anymore writing to us, sharing with us their emotions, stories, friends, pictures, and other sancitiful shit :-P i guess I'll holla at ya'll latas!

Friday, September 24, 2004

First week update

Sup peeps, Hey just wanted to check in. Just finished my last class of the day, and thus my first week of school. Its goin pretty good, but I miss you guys so much. I took the liberty of sleeping in during Calc 3 this morning, and missing our first quiz, I woke up and thought it was thursday, instead of friday, so went back to bed. Anyway, its cool, my teacher was like, oh it happens, and let me take the quiz after my comparative politics class. People here are nice, and my roomate is cool. We cuss at eachother a lot, and i'm sure the racist comments will begin rather quickly (I already called him Beckham...if i didn't tell you he's from pakistan). My english teacher reminds me so much of Jeffs mom its crazy. So anyway, just saying I miss you guys and Holla at me. Peace, and triple P Pudding.

Hey guys! I don't know if this will work or not I'm not as smart as Alex. anyways this is the Academy Pius soccer game where we beat them 2 to 1 so just thought you might like to see... Posted by Hello

Tuesday, September 21, 2004


We play them this thursday at 7. The game is at Pius and I would be so excited if you guys (meaning Lynsey and Cody) would come! (By the way sorry for taking up blog space with info most of you probably don't care much about, especially since this message is over jeff's five word limit..... I am glad that school seems to be going great for everyone though!)


Look at this pretty blue color! I must say Alex...I know you are expecting intense sarcasm and some kind of joke about how you and your campaign manager have a lot in common in the manhood area...but I am NOT going to do that. I totally support you and I hope you win. =) And I took this online survey to help you decide who to vote for and apparently I am supposed to vote for Kerry...but we'll see. lol. Also our football team is getting better!!! We won our last game and it was a good team (shout out to Kelli, A&M doesn't suck as bad anymore.) And I have also heard the Jal-ah-peh-no thing going on so it's not just San Antonio. Much love to all of you.

Monday, September 20, 2004

AFlo for Prez

I've been sayin it all along guys.flo is destined to be our president someday. you da man flo. on the other hand i don'treally know what he's running for now. if anyone has a clue to what LB is inform the stupid guy who goes to UNM. oh and just to let you guys know how great it is here, our soccor team just beat #1 ranked Indiana on Sunday. Ya! Go Bos!!! rock on. we rule uh uh uh!. okay now that that is over with. how do texans say jalopenos? goodquestion steph. anyway. i'm out. as for me, i'm for aflo allthe way. The way to go is to vote Aflo. peace.
P.S. Jeff much love and all and yes seventh grade was one of the best years of my life,but do me a favor and stay in school. much love man.

The outside wall of my dorm room. We decide come November. Fuck texas and their shirts for Bush - and fuck the pamphlets to learn football, sponsored by the College Republicans! Love all of you!

The best part is that I have a 15-person committee to elect me! I didn't paint or put any posters up - and since this morning, they're all over campus! Sweet!

Ayo - it's only the beginning cats - imagine the voice. You all are thinking what the hell? What's he doing? Here we go: "The same thing we do all the time, Stimpy! Try to take over the WORLD

You all know Denise Kucinich is my main hero....

A Question of the Texans..

Hola ya'll. I have a question for all of my fellow Texans... Do they pronounce jalapeno chips... Ja-lop-a-no?? I think its crazy, and was wondering if this was just a San Antonio thing. Hope everyone's having a lot of fun! xoxo

JEff you're so stupid

Jeff I'm gonna need you to learn how to stay in a school for more than a couple the hell are you already almost getting need a whoopin.

Sunday, September 19, 2004

Coincidence?...I think not

OK, so I have the weirdest story to tell you guys. So last night, my roommate and a few other girls were walking around, and we met these other people, two girls and a guy. So, I was like, hey, what are your names? So, the two girls were all "Karen" and "Alison." OK, two common names. But then the boy goes, "my names Alan, but people call me (get this) "AFlo." Turns out his name was Alan Florentine or something, but where would you ecpect to run into another Karen, Ali, and Aflo? I mean really, AFlo? Didn't think another one existed, much less with a Karen and an Ali. Strange... OK, well, just thought I would share that with you guys!


k..well dell said I wasn't suppose to get my comp till thursday, but when I got to school it was here... so yeah. Well anyway, having fun, meeting people. My roomates pretty tight, we're gonna be cool. Got real homesick last night. Hey from the side I think my roomate looks just like eryc benavides...crazy. well, holla at me. love you all. triple P pudding.

Saturday, September 18, 2004


Amber we all love you and care about you. you just hold it down like a fat person girl and if you feel offended by that read the post right below this one and you'll understand. peace and love Ber!

What Up From The Burque

Hey what up guys. i'm just chillin here i the greatest city on the planet. this one's to anyone who can apreciate great lirics. "I can't fake it! I hold it down like fat people on a blanket!" this we the best line i have ever heard in anysong. i heard it this weekend and i had to let the world know tha awesome power of words. i wanted to say that thats how we hold it down together. like fat people!!! Ya! anyways. so i haven't been to calc in like three weeks and i figuered it was about time to go. so i go in and apearantly we have our first quiz. i'm freakin out and then he starts to review on the board. so we get the quiz i'm the first on done!!! i mean i was done with this thing in like five minutes i swear. and i also would like to note that i aced it! it just goes to show that i haven't learned anything in college yet. it feels pretty good so far. thats about it oh and congrats to neswood for winning yesterday you guys should most definatley throw a congrats her way. she played awesome! way to go nes. as for now i'll be hold it it down like fat people on a blanket till you guys come back. Humuhumunuuunukuapua'a stayin strong.

Friday, September 17, 2004


Well i really hope this doesn't make Amber cry... but if it does, it apologize in advance. Anyway, along the lines of possibly being cocky but wanting to let you know anyway, I got into the jazz band here!! yay!! (i beat the robots!! ha ha linz...) I'm second alto behind the president of the band and i'm super excited. For those of you single people considering visiting me, i'll put in a side note that there are some, what some people might describe as, attractive people in the jazz band :) ha ha ha. i love you all and hope everything's going wonderfully!

This is starting to get too damn ridiculous

this is getting too freaking ridiculous...why the hell is it everytime i post something shit gets said guys are making me cry, and I don't like this...I'm officially STRIKE!

Thursday, September 16, 2004

I'm smarter than i thought

I hope no one reads this comment and thinks im conceited, but I just wanted to let everyone know it is possible to do fine in college. I had my first exam last night (calculus) and I could have sworn last night that i had failed it, but I actually got an A on it. So, optimism pays off and if I can do it, so can all the rest of you!! Hope everyone is still having fun. Keep in touch. Lynsey and Cody, I can't wait to come visit...I'm driving down Thursday, September 30. Love you all!!

Wednesday, September 15, 2004


So i leave on Friday moring to my comp wont arrive till monday or something, so i'll be off the internet for a little while. But i'm still on my phone if need be. Much love....throwing it down for triple P Pudding. POOPOO holla back

Oh man!

Shout out to everyone...Texas strikes again. Today the dining hall served (and I'm serious) "Chiken and Cheese Crispitos." Really, it was a flauta. No joke. Has anyone heard of these? Is this a real word that I am ignorant of? We thought it quite funny....

Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Finally here...

So I got to Northwestern today (almost the last person, except for poor lonely Tommy). It's alright so far, I just haven't had much oppurtunity to meet lots of people yet. Yeah, so I don't really have a lot to say, just wanted to say hey to everyone and see how everything is going since I don't talk to you guys too often. Hope you guys are having a great time and that classes are going well!

Monday, September 13, 2004

Checkin In

I'm sittin in this dorm - 4 or 5 hundred yards from mine, it's pouring outside. I have no time to write, it seems - yet now - for those of you who believe, God has mandated that I shall contact ye, those who I love and cherish and miss so dearly. And would you believe it, God is all powerful, but she (black woman :-) has me using a Mac, what the hell? (No pun intended, nor any offense, hehe. I'm sure Ali is rolling with the Mac comment. Do you realize that there were two awesome uses of diction in that last sentence? Mac and then the god-hell parallel.

Boring enough - anyway. Mac is awesome. I'm having a great time, although wishing you could share it with me. I'm sure you're all having great times yourself. Jeff - I dig what you're saying, I been doing what I can to get into trouble also - but being me, it just hasn't worked out that way - belemptious in my humble opinion. Cody and Lynsey, yea, we cheer for our soccer, volleyball and every other sport except football; they blow. Creepy Academy feeling on that one. Tommy - pack up baby, it's your turn, have fun with it. I'm glad you're all loving Texas, and so long as you don't come back with heavy accents, we can still be best friends. Philly Cheesesteak is so fuckin good! It's so late... so hungry.... Yup - freshman 30 is what they call it for me.....

Amber - hurricanes don't exist in Georgia - that was just a windy day. What the hell were you thinking? I see a window in the rain! I'm gonna bolt. Shouts out to everyone who didn't get a personal greeting. I love and miss you so much. Cuidate, take care of each other, and take care of your new friends also. I'm throwin a get-together a Chucky-Cheese's when we all get back for thanksgiving - who's with me?

Sunday, September 12, 2004

But Philadelphia is... cool... too!!

I had by first Philly cheesesteak yesterday guys. I guess that's an experience we all need... So far so good at Penn, it's deiinitely not at all how i thought it would be, but i actually got into the city yesterday (hence the cheesesteak) which was a nice change. Overall things are good, I'm meeting a couple of nice people, it's just hard sometimes because you want everyone to be your best friend just like the ones at home ;) but somehow that doesn't really work after a week. My roommate's really nice, which is excellent, and knows a lot of people here which is convenient ha ha... by the way i'm pretty sure UPenn's gotta be somewhere high on that party school list... otherwise someone's lying ;) hee hee... Much love and missage to all.


I must agree with my good friend lynsey. UNM ROCKS!!! ya sorry to say Kelli we were supposed to lose by a lot. Did you guys know that UNM hasn't beat Texas Tech in ten strait years i know it's crazy but we won tonight and it was great. i'm glad to hear every things going great for you guys. you all should have been there there was 4 seconds left and rhe lobos had hed used their last timeout. it was a 44 yard field goal attemt. the suspence was rising until like a flash of lightning the ball was snaped and up the kick went. clutch. it was awesome. there were these guys that kept driving aroud the stadium screeming and hanging out of their car after the game it was awesome to actually be a part of the school that just won. i mean i actually go to the school who just won a college football game. awesome. well i guess that's it. i hope you all like the school colors.

Saturday, September 11, 2004

Just more proof that the 505 is better!

Hey guys!! I just wanted to tell you that we just got back from a football game against Texas Tech and we won!! Sorry Kelli, I guess that just means that UNM is cooler. Oh and I saw your mom there...neways I just wanted to gloat a little I guess since we were expecting to get killed...I love and miss you all, Lynsey

University of Colorado is still a party school!!

Hey guys,
I just remembered that we had this, so I'm sorry I haven't written anything. School is pretty good. My roommate is from about an hour away from here so she goes home kinda often but we get along for the most part. She has been complaining about everything under the sun lately though and i want to just be like shut the fuck up your not the only one with stress. But other than that we do get along. We party together and take care of each other after parties. And yes, I have been partying, but not too much. This past week got kinda hard, but its getting better now. I'm taking hip-hop classes at the recreation center, so thats pretty fun. My dorm is definitely the best on campus. My floor always smells of weed and alcohol which is kinda funny. One of the guys across the hall (I'm on a coed floor) passed out in front of the RAs door the first week and the guy next door passed out in the bathtub last week. Just a couple funny stories. I've met a ton of people, everyone is really outgoing and talkative so we just leave our door open and everyone comes to talk to us. I miss everyone more than I can say though. I love getting pictures of rooms and roommates and friends, so send me e-mails with pictures! I have a math test on Wednesday so i should be studying for that but im not. I'm about to go out to a frat party. I didn't rush and I really regret it. Well, i guess this is long enough for now. Keep in touch everyone, I miss you all and hope everyone is enjoying college.

Dallas is still rocking my socks!!

Hey guys! I hope you guys are all doing well! I am still having fun out here in the great state of Texas. School is going well but classes are getting a little bit harder and things are getting to be a little bit more stressful. I just finished writing my first english paper and it took me sooo long. I just really don't like english though. Blech. I have a chemistry exam on Wednesday (eep!) so wish me luck on that! I got a job in the geology/paleontology lab and so now I am organizing bones and hopefully soon I will get to help out with dinosaur stuff! I'm gonna be a paleontologist, guys!!! Oh, interesting fact: SMU has been ranked number four in the nation for fraternity and sorority parties. Hee, hee. Can you imagine me at a "party school"? Good times, good times. Well, that's pretty much all I've got so far. Oh, jk. I have my first intramural tennis match tomorrow (I'll need lots of luck for that considering I haven't touched a racket since state!) And I joined student foundation (SF) who is in charge of big events on campus like family weekend and homecoming. We have a meeting tomorrow and I think I get to help make fish! Our theme is "A Weekend to Treasure" and we've got a lot of pirate and ocean stuff, hence the fish. Well, I love you guys tons and miss you like none other! Hope you guys are having fun wherever you are at!
Much love,
P.S. Sorry, Jeff. I know I went significantly over the five word rule

I Agree

I will be tthe first to say that claire is right. This blog hasn't seen much action from well anybody lately. i know that school has prolly started for all you guys and the fact that it means that you're break is actually over has finally dawned on you. well i will be the first to say i know how you feel. well any way if anyone still reads this thing... i'm doin okay. yesterday tommy, nes, clarrisa, and lauren (Lindsay's little sister) to the fair. it was great. we had turkey legs and fry bread and we got those huge cups filled with water melon lemonade. MMMMMM!! it was delicious. Neswood also made me go on this ride called Kamakase!!! i know she's crazy. ahhhh! it was great though. oh and this one's for jeff we all had cotten candy....YA! i hope this doesn't make any of you too homesick but i was just filling in the facts. oh me and tommy also saw a hit and run while we were chilling in the parking lot of the dollar movies. it seriously happened like ten feet froom where we were standing!! it was Carazy!!! anyways you guys need to fill me in on how you're doin. as for me i'm outie. peace

Dying Blog...

Anyone else feel like the Blog is dying? Maybe we could fix that... it would be great to hear how everyone's doing, especially those people who have somewhat disappeared. Much love...

Thursday, September 09, 2004

what the hell amber

you went over you're five word limit ber so therefore all i know is that you are in the middle of...something cuz i refuse to read more than that. and if i hear anymore crap about how my posts are longer than five words i'm gonna have to flip out on someone. It's my rule!! I'll break it whenever i please damn it!

Tuesday, September 07, 2004


I'm in the middle of a hurricane!!!


This five word rule sucks


Being this succinct is difficult.

too long

jeff has exceeded five words.

by the way

I'm gonna get a ring in my eyebrow in a few weeks. I'd be inteerested to hear what people think about how it would look, if you have the time, thanks.

what is up

i'd just like to state that i've been off this thing for like two days and there have been an additional 17 billion posts. I would like everyone to keep their messages to 5 words or less so i don't get bored and become forced to skip them. That's right, i'm making more rules, bite me! First for amber, you spelled my name wrong, you former friend and secondly, what the hell are you talking about when you say behave? For alex my room mate is also gay and his boyfriend spent the weekend at Wash U. Meanwhile i spent the weekend sleeping on other people's (girl's specifically, ha ha!) floors in their rooms. He's a cool guy though, I like him, and his boyfriend is 25 which makes him infinitely more useful to me. Hope you all are having fun. (remember you are all limited to 1 post of 5 words or less per day). Talk to everyone later.

Monday, September 06, 2004

You should all check this out.

Phone Again

You should all know that I do not hate you. I've been wanting to call and keep in touch with all... or most ;-), but my phone doesn't work. I think I'm going to finally have time today to fix the problem. Anyway - sorry and much love and respect!

Sunday, September 05, 2004


Tommy told me to call him so he could come to my game last week, Lynsey told me to post information about it so she could come and Cody has been telling me to call him for like the last couple months or so and I am really sorry to admit that I haven't done any of those things. I do have a game this coming tuesday at 6:15 at the Academy and I really hope that you guys who are still here can make it dispite the fact that I have been such a horrible friend. Anyways, I miss you guys terribly (even those of you who are still in town since I clearly fail at using the telephone and communicating!)

To All

Okay... since i was the one who wanted to utilize e-mail more i've decided to post mine. i'm sure a lot of you guys have it but i'm sure someof you don't like amber... any way it's you can im me too. on a more heavy issue i had no intention of offending anyone with my previous blog. i'm sure, as all of you know, i can get confused very easily. i don't know whats going on half the time and i just wanted to clear up some of the bugs in the system. we all know this is a new site that none of us have really been on before and we all need to work together to find the best way to get along while using it. i apologize profusly if i have agitated anyone and please note that it was a blog to all, not asny one person. and i do realize that we have all posted something to a specific audience while using this site. please undestand that i only want what is best for the group. i love you all from the bottom of my heart and want nothing more but to continue our friendship. i want us all to get along and dont want to start fights especially now when its so uneccesary and yes claire i dont' know how to spell. so i think we should all just get along. if i'm being an A hole to anyone please let me know. any way... Amber please tell me how you are doing and let us all know. i would love to hear about your classes, parties, friends, etc. and your e-mail if it's not to hard.

what about me?

Why does everybody keep forgetting about me? My birthday's on saturday...I'll be turning 22 cuz I can't keep turning 21, people might start asking questions!!!! Jeffery you learn to behave. Tommy I miss you too, and I'm with your sister almost every day. ALex...hello...where are you. Lynsey, you better be being good too, cuz I'm coming home in 2 weeks so I better see you...ANSWER THE PHONE!!!

Saturday, September 04, 2004

E-mail vs. Blog

Not to be mean or nothing but i really think that this blog is meant for the whole crew and not just individuals. i would like to refer back to jeffs previous blog and resuggest that we post not all but most of our comments on to the blog. i also think that these posts there of sould be meant for a more wide selection of people or in other words post only group relevent material not something that belongs in an e-mail to one set person. this would eliminate confusion among the masses and also get people talking on e-mail more. i would agree with myself on this one. really it's a great idea. i think we should keep personal stuff to e-mails and things meant for the group should be sent to the best place in the whole wide web.

Here's a Survey...

Hey, has any one here been to let's see...a gay bar lately? Anyone? How about a coffee shop? =)

Friday, September 03, 2004


Hey Sweetie!!
Im glad that you're there safe and are having fun. Veronica and I have something to mail you so if you would give us your address you will get a present in the mail. I love you and miss you tons, Love always, Lynsey

This is my roommate, Ricardo Armando Gusman - or Ricky. Just thought you might like to know.

Exciting News!

Hey ya'll.
I tried out for the dance team Code Blue and I made it!!! I'm sooo excited! 12 girls and 2 guys are on the team and we perform at basketball games and stuff like that. So if you guys are around San Antonio (which you should all come visit!) you should check out a basketball game and watch us dance!! Hope all is well.

Grave Mistake

I forgot perhaps the most.... Interesting of news so far. Turns out that my roommate is, in fact, homosexual. It's all good though. He's talking to his boyfriend in Honduras right now. That's life, homie, that's life. One love.

Thursday, September 02, 2004

Tidings from da Dirty MAC

Superfast internet connections -this is blazin!! Yo i'm here at the Dirty Mac!! it's all good. i'm humbled here - my entering class's average ACT score is 32, belemptious to say the least. Most of my friends are girls - the count is 27 girls, 8 guys. The ratio here is sick if you couldn't tell. This is before orientation though - so more news to come. I met a guy on the Board of Governors for the Minnesota Kerry campaign - it looks like I'll have a phat job here in a little while, more to come on that too. It's humid and hot here - not cold yet. I'm missin the hell outta you guys though. I'm bout to bounce and put up all the pictures that I brought of all of you; almost 100 i think! My celly doesn't work in my dorm, which is mad shitty. I need to go to sprint and just replace this crap - just sayin that it's hard for me to call and text for a while. Love from the dirty MAC!! PEACE!

hatred, and creating a lack thereof

i will apoligize in advance for interrupting the seething hatred that is this "blog," however, i just wanted to let everyone know that I'm in Philly and there's some room on my floor if anyone wants to sleep here (even though my room's midget i will make room for you!! seriously!!) my roomate's really nice... somewhat in the same idea of that dell commercial... her side's pink and my fight club poster makes me look like satan... or maybe it's just that i am satan, this is possible. anyway if you want my new number and don't have it send me an email, cuz i'm not posting it here. much love.


I thought I should share with you guys one of the greatest ne names I've here goes....................Heimerdinger.....I know

Hey, listen to me damn it

i have an idea for all you people that keep trying to make complicated rules about posting. why don't you guys just stop making comments and put your "comments" on the main page. Just state what you're referring to, then nobody will miss anything and i don't have to click on all that shit a million times.

Wednesday, September 01, 2004

damn politics

my cousin sent me this site a while aho so maybe you have already seen it but just in case go to and click on the bush/kerry thing. even though i hate politics this is pretty funny and lindsay agreed. see what you think i hope you like it. shout out to all my fellow republicans! :)