Monday, September 20, 2004

AFlo for Prez

I've been sayin it all along guys.flo is destined to be our president someday. you da man flo. on the other hand i don'treally know what he's running for now. if anyone has a clue to what LB is inform the stupid guy who goes to UNM. oh and just to let you guys know how great it is here, our soccor team just beat #1 ranked Indiana on Sunday. Ya! Go Bos!!! rock on. we rule uh uh uh!. okay now that that is over with. how do texans say jalopenos? goodquestion steph. anyway. i'm out. as for me, i'm for aflo allthe way. The way to go is to vote Aflo. peace.
P.S. Jeff much love and all and yes seventh grade was one of the best years of my life,but do me a favor and stay in school. much love man.


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