Sunday, September 12, 2004

But Philadelphia is... cool... too!!

I had by first Philly cheesesteak yesterday guys. I guess that's an experience we all need... So far so good at Penn, it's deiinitely not at all how i thought it would be, but i actually got into the city yesterday (hence the cheesesteak) which was a nice change. Overall things are good, I'm meeting a couple of nice people, it's just hard sometimes because you want everyone to be your best friend just like the ones at home ;) but somehow that doesn't really work after a week. My roommate's really nice, which is excellent, and knows a lot of people here which is convenient ha ha... by the way i'm pretty sure UPenn's gotta be somewhere high on that party school list... otherwise someone's lying ;) hee hee... Much love and missage to all.


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