Saturday, September 11, 2004

Dallas is still rocking my socks!!

Hey guys! I hope you guys are all doing well! I am still having fun out here in the great state of Texas. School is going well but classes are getting a little bit harder and things are getting to be a little bit more stressful. I just finished writing my first english paper and it took me sooo long. I just really don't like english though. Blech. I have a chemistry exam on Wednesday (eep!) so wish me luck on that! I got a job in the geology/paleontology lab and so now I am organizing bones and hopefully soon I will get to help out with dinosaur stuff! I'm gonna be a paleontologist, guys!!! Oh, interesting fact: SMU has been ranked number four in the nation for fraternity and sorority parties. Hee, hee. Can you imagine me at a "party school"? Good times, good times. Well, that's pretty much all I've got so far. Oh, jk. I have my first intramural tennis match tomorrow (I'll need lots of luck for that considering I haven't touched a racket since state!) And I joined student foundation (SF) who is in charge of big events on campus like family weekend and homecoming. We have a meeting tomorrow and I think I get to help make fish! Our theme is "A Weekend to Treasure" and we've got a lot of pirate and ocean stuff, hence the fish. Well, I love you guys tons and miss you like none other! Hope you guys are having fun wherever you are at!
Much love,
P.S. Sorry, Jeff. I know I went significantly over the five word rule


Blogger Linz said...

hehe karen's making fish. lol. and you want to put dead things back together for a living! =) that's why we love you. Miss you and I'm glad you're having fun!

September 11, 2004 at 10:20 PM  

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