Thursday, September 02, 2004

Tidings from da Dirty MAC

Superfast internet connections -this is blazin!! Yo i'm here at the Dirty Mac!! it's all good. i'm humbled here - my entering class's average ACT score is 32, belemptious to say the least. Most of my friends are girls - the count is 27 girls, 8 guys. The ratio here is sick if you couldn't tell. This is before orientation though - so more news to come. I met a guy on the Board of Governors for the Minnesota Kerry campaign - it looks like I'll have a phat job here in a little while, more to come on that too. It's humid and hot here - not cold yet. I'm missin the hell outta you guys though. I'm bout to bounce and put up all the pictures that I brought of all of you; almost 100 i think! My celly doesn't work in my dorm, which is mad shitty. I need to go to sprint and just replace this crap - just sayin that it's hard for me to call and text for a while. Love from the dirty MAC!! PEACE!


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