Sunday, September 12, 2004


I must agree with my good friend lynsey. UNM ROCKS!!! ya sorry to say Kelli we were supposed to lose by a lot. Did you guys know that UNM hasn't beat Texas Tech in ten strait years i know it's crazy but we won tonight and it was great. i'm glad to hear every things going great for you guys. you all should have been there there was 4 seconds left and rhe lobos had hed used their last timeout. it was a 44 yard field goal attemt. the suspence was rising until like a flash of lightning the ball was snaped and up the kick went. clutch. it was awesome. there were these guys that kept driving aroud the stadium screeming and hanging out of their car after the game it was awesome to actually be a part of the school that just won. i mean i actually go to the school who just won a college football game. awesome. well i guess that's it. i hope you all like the school colors.


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