Saturday, September 11, 2004

University of Colorado is still a party school!!

Hey guys,
I just remembered that we had this, so I'm sorry I haven't written anything. School is pretty good. My roommate is from about an hour away from here so she goes home kinda often but we get along for the most part. She has been complaining about everything under the sun lately though and i want to just be like shut the fuck up your not the only one with stress. But other than that we do get along. We party together and take care of each other after parties. And yes, I have been partying, but not too much. This past week got kinda hard, but its getting better now. I'm taking hip-hop classes at the recreation center, so thats pretty fun. My dorm is definitely the best on campus. My floor always smells of weed and alcohol which is kinda funny. One of the guys across the hall (I'm on a coed floor) passed out in front of the RAs door the first week and the guy next door passed out in the bathtub last week. Just a couple funny stories. I've met a ton of people, everyone is really outgoing and talkative so we just leave our door open and everyone comes to talk to us. I miss everyone more than I can say though. I love getting pictures of rooms and roommates and friends, so send me e-mails with pictures! I have a math test on Wednesday so i should be studying for that but im not. I'm about to go out to a frat party. I didn't rush and I really regret it. Well, i guess this is long enough for now. Keep in touch everyone, I miss you all and hope everyone is enjoying college.


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