Thursday, October 21, 2004

Random stuff!

Hello all!! I just found a list that I had made when I was thinking about what all to put on my senior many of these do you guys remember? (some you'll get and others im sure are going to be confusing but what can you do)
mangos, quarters, Clint, beep, I s'pose its getting to be wintertime, Paul Robeson, Murray, Deborah, decrees, Linz mobile, hot JV ref, Castle and Poper, Smee, Mable, ping pong pigeons (not as good as the chinese), Trogdor, fish in the vending machine, You should stay, we'll start a jazz band, ack, shidden rage white lightening, duck with a backpack, Mr. Buttered Toast, tuna, hot sophomores, the ambulance coming to get Cody (alot), basketball at the pit, Tommy's doughnuts that Ann ate, Santa Fe club, Denver, makeout bush, i know there are more so you guys should remind us all about to all, Lynsey


Blogger Linz said...

...can anyone forget the plopping noise a quarter makes coming out of a change machine into a fish filled little puddle? I think not. Maybe mable could have fixed him...we didn't think of taking him to mable...that's what we can do next time we accidently vend fish. And I still think those pigeons are frickin' hilarious, even if they do get beat by the chinese at pingpong. Speaking of hilarious...there are squirrels with antennae...Possibly a rival for the pigeons. I'm trying to get a picture of one for "ya'll"

October 25, 2004 at 4:42 PM  

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