Wednesday, November 24, 2004

I'M HOME!!!!

SERIOUSLY, CALL ME. hee hee...

Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Tis the season to be jolly

BECAUSE today is a great fuckin day, ya know? great day...

Sunday, November 14, 2004

ha ha ha ha

k please go to this link, especially number 11 (i think, the last one?) to see some lovely pictures of some of us and the charming armand (wretching sounds...) i wish they'd realize tomas is way more photogenic...

Wednesday, November 10, 2004

sorry guys

It has been recently brought to my attention by my good buddy Tommy (big shout out) that i have been other wise known as dead until this very moment, along with quite a few others i might add. but mind you, i am not here to judge. i simply needed to express my deepest and most humble apologies to you guys (mind you not ya'll). i am sorry for not keeping in touch the way i should have been doing ever since you guy's left i was gonna call every one of you guys to say this in person but then a littlevoice inside me said "hey wait stupid, wasn't ther like a website thingy that you guys made so you can keep in touch or something?" so i got right on the computer and began this message. i wanted to say that i miss you all to death and i mean that in the most pathetic comeback voice you can imagine. you guy's were awesome to hang with and i should have realized that a long time ago. you were all great and i want you all to know that i value your friendship forever. you guys will always be the best group of friends ever. and i know jeff it is over five words but i want you to know that i miss you to man. i hope that eyering came out good. i texted you today but no reply was found. anyway the same goes for you all. i hope all of your eyerings came out good too. anyway this is C Lo signing off, but not for good.
Humuhumunukunukuapua'a shadiwald mazeltoff poopoo for life till i die forever and ever in a day that's never and all that other forever stuff too.


I found out the real reason why Chris broke up with me....Flo, boo you was right...he had been cheating on me, but get this ya'll his new satchmo looking horse he calls a bitch ass girlfriend is pregnant. Two months at least. So there's men for ya. I'm going gay men really can never prove to be trusted. Oh and if you're wondering why I'm so and him were still together when her ass got pregnant. But he couldn't bother to tell me, I had to hear it from his homeboy.

It's the Apocalypse

So now that bush is back in office, I've come to the conclusion that being Black and living in America right now just isn't very favorable. Bush wants to cut funding for ALL HBCUs (for those who don't know what that means, "Historical Black College University"), which basically means he wants to get rid of HBCUs overall. He wants to do away with affirmative action, and ultimately just wants Blacks to go back picking cotton and growing peaches, that is, if he's nice enough to let us stay alive to even do that. Alex get your passport, we're going to CANADA eh! What are ya'll's opinions on this? Because Im really upset right now, and I feel like I voted for absolutely no reason at all. Senate and the House are the ones who obviously get to decide who represents the people even though the people are screaming loud and clear F your decision because it's freaking bullshit.

Sunday, November 07, 2004

Show me some love!

First of all, you all need to be droppin knowledge on this website! Get at me!

Second - this is for all you haters! Keep on makin fun of me for going to the great white north - but i got somethin that you (texans especially) can't even touch. i am witness to one of the most beautiful natural occurences in the world (no, not talking about cowboys mating with their sheep in texas) - and that is the northern lights! They were sparklin tonight. Love all of you! Hate Jesusland (refer to popularly circulated map)!

Thursday, November 04, 2004

I'm third from the right - jail isn't a comfortable place to sleep folks! November 3rd - and we will not go softly into that good night! Civil disobedience and convergence of thoughts and actions!

Wednesday, November 03, 2004


I don't really understand how this happened, but I have come to terms with it. As I sit here, in my room, I contemplate the huge burden that is about to be on me. My roommate, in his utter stupidity, lost a bet to our neighbor republicans and now must hang the Vote Bush sign on our door.........Yeah I know.........I tried to argue that he didn't have that type of authority, but the New Mexico signs I had hung up without his knowledge made way for my quick capitulation. This along with the shit I'm taking for New Mexico going to Bush has plunged me into the an icy cold fortress of poop....And other poopy things......That is all I have to say....Poop.

My Official Statement.

My phone rang at 9:23 this morning, waking me from a surprisingly restful sleep--my father calling, on behalf of my mother, apologizing for bringing me to this country. As my parents see it, America is in a worse position that South Africa was in the throes of apartheid- inequality was forced upon the Africans whereas, as my parents see it, Americans have voted for it. I started writing this earlier this morning, starting my day with a little hope... little by little, obviously, I lost that hope.

I won't rant to all of you politics haters, but I will say I can only hope I'm wrong. I hope that in four years, when we're searching for jobs that there are some, I hope that the social security I've been taxed for will exist, I hope that public schools will have any funding at all, I hope that all kinds of minorities, because we are all one, will have civil rights worth protecting.

Love and Peace to all.

A Burning Oasis

Earlier tonight - I sat with several friends (at least 500), but in particular with a bunch of friends at a table - complete with our wireless laptops in the hall with 2 huge projection screens. We sat all night adjusting projections, wishing, hoping, crying and laughing. There was a high point in the night - then the rest was even.

Using VERY sound methods - i projected an electoral tie. I used numbers from the secretaries of state for the states instead of relying on cnn or any other station for stats. I put wis., mich., iowa, and minn. for kerry, along with nm and nv. oh i gave to bush by a margin of 14,000 votes. This ended with an electoral tie, throwing the election to the house, which, in my scenario, would have elected george bush and john edwards to office.

It's 2 hours later - nv has gone bush, nm, oh. There are a few reasons why I'm having mixed emotions - sadness, anger, almost grief. It isn't so much about bush anymore as it is about potentional - in so many ways. I spent the last two weeks of my life (what should have been longer) entirely dedicated to the mobilization of the latino vote. We busted our asses and told them that they could make a difference. I indirectly reached out to millions of people in the country and promised them change. How can I go back to that community tomorrow, next week, and in four years and tell them that their political participation matters? Some of you will read this and observe an obviously partisan perspective, but it falls somewhat in line with what the traditional latino vote is. i'm sure there is a better way to articulate this - i'm off to sulk in bed. too bad there's no alcohol in my room...

Tuesday, November 02, 2004

My LONG AWAITED political position

Hi! Not that I don't love you all, but this is my political position: If Bush wins this election...I won't talk to any of you till christmas because you will be OBSCENELY hard to put up with and whiny =) However if Kerry wins, I still won't talk to you till Christmas cause you'll be OBSCENELY hard to put up with and exultant =). (Renee agrees with my assessment) So essentially, we may not talk for a while, ESPECIALLY if Bush wins. Much love to all of you my crazy liberals and crazy conservatives and people who don't care.

Monday, November 01, 2004

One More! Me, Maribel, Ana, Vinnie, from right to left.

Me and my boy Vinnie in Des Moines, Iowa, at the Capitol, reppin' for the latino community there. WE DECIDE! Hope you had fun with the outgoing president tonight, Karen!


Iowa is crazy.
Two days ago I became a precint co-captain here. I would be the sole captain, but Iowa statutes say that one must be a resident of the state - and my lucky stars gave me an incompetent women as a co-captain. I am truly luck, however, because my precinct is an all-important one, and I supervise about 30 volunteers. I'm in the middle of a low-income community in Des Moines, one of the populated places in this state.
Things are tough - but it looks like Iowa will turn out Kerry - I don't care what polls say. Minnesota too.
We finalized an election protection team - that one that I was working on last time I wrote to you all with a long message. It turns out that I'm heading home tomorrow morning early to help out in an immigrant community in Minneapolis - lots of spanish speakers who don't know english are getting out to vote tomorrow. I'm rambling - talk to you all soon - under a banner of democratic (sorta) leadership!

El titulo

Give it to me now!

Kerry by 20 EV's at the least! Hope you all have a wonderful November 2!