Wednesday, November 03, 2004

A Burning Oasis

Earlier tonight - I sat with several friends (at least 500), but in particular with a bunch of friends at a table - complete with our wireless laptops in the hall with 2 huge projection screens. We sat all night adjusting projections, wishing, hoping, crying and laughing. There was a high point in the night - then the rest was even.

Using VERY sound methods - i projected an electoral tie. I used numbers from the secretaries of state for the states instead of relying on cnn or any other station for stats. I put wis., mich., iowa, and minn. for kerry, along with nm and nv. oh i gave to bush by a margin of 14,000 votes. This ended with an electoral tie, throwing the election to the house, which, in my scenario, would have elected george bush and john edwards to office.

It's 2 hours later - nv has gone bush, nm, oh. There are a few reasons why I'm having mixed emotions - sadness, anger, almost grief. It isn't so much about bush anymore as it is about potentional - in so many ways. I spent the last two weeks of my life (what should have been longer) entirely dedicated to the mobilization of the latino vote. We busted our asses and told them that they could make a difference. I indirectly reached out to millions of people in the country and promised them change. How can I go back to that community tomorrow, next week, and in four years and tell them that their political participation matters? Some of you will read this and observe an obviously partisan perspective, but it falls somewhat in line with what the traditional latino vote is. i'm sure there is a better way to articulate this - i'm off to sulk in bed. too bad there's no alcohol in my room...


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