Wednesday, November 03, 2004

My Official Statement.

My phone rang at 9:23 this morning, waking me from a surprisingly restful sleep--my father calling, on behalf of my mother, apologizing for bringing me to this country. As my parents see it, America is in a worse position that South Africa was in the throes of apartheid- inequality was forced upon the Africans whereas, as my parents see it, Americans have voted for it. I started writing this earlier this morning, starting my day with a little hope... little by little, obviously, I lost that hope.

I won't rant to all of you politics haters, but I will say I can only hope I'm wrong. I hope that in four years, when we're searching for jobs that there are some, I hope that the social security I've been taxed for will exist, I hope that public schools will have any funding at all, I hope that all kinds of minorities, because we are all one, will have civil rights worth protecting.

Love and Peace to all.


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