Monday, October 17, 2005

alright renee...just cause you choose to be a big huge bum doesn't mean the rest of us have to do that too...heehee jk that is a perfect excuse for me to be a bum and post stuff on here instead of doing my just thought i would let you know...i had a super bad athsma attack today and i almost had to go to the better now but it was pretty much the scariest thing ever...and i had a midterm so i had to go sit through my midterm and try to write an essay when i couldn't that was my day's that for a post renee?


I wrote you a note on your last comment missy, so check your tone at the door!

YOU suck at life

y' all suck. that's all i have to say.

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

engineering sucks at life

so im sitting here supposed to do my electrical homework but i cant. so i borrow finished homework from this guy in my class (cuz i have different number to type into the computer) and i still cant do it so i thought i would write here as no one else seems to very often ::cough:: ::cough:: even though they specific instructions on how to keep my attention occupied. i have 5 hours to complete my homework. this sounds like a lot but when dealing with electrical nonsense it is not near enough time. ugh. im sorry that your life will from this point forward be miserable tommy. anyway i guess ill try again. ick. WRITE SOMETHING RIGHT NOW!!!!! or i will eat you. have a good night. i might be drinking later after this homework goes away (even though it is wednesday) so if you wish to be amused give me a call. much love. but i will still eat you.

Friday, October 07, 2005


so i don't know if this still counts as trying to entertain you renee since it is 830 in the morning instead of 230 but its always fun to read new posts on this thing so in that case, hope this helps...except for the detail that i have nothing entertaining to get to see karen this weekend so i am super excited about is her fall break so we are going to get to hang out...what else...ooh our fall break is next weekend and my friend sara and i are going to drive down to el paso to see this supercool ska band called liquid cheese hehehe i am really excited about that plus the drummer is really hot!! um i think thats all the new stuff that i have to say....hopefully this kept you from being bored for about 30 always, Lynsey


alright so its 230 in the morning on i guess friday? thursday night. i should go to bed but im not for some unknown reason. i just thought i would share my thoughts with you in hopes that you soon do the same for when i am bored i wish to have something to read on the blog. get on that. ready go.

Wednesday, October 05, 2005


SO Iw as jsut wondering if Anonymous' advice helped you out at all? Crazy Anonymous always given those random testimonies....what a rascal.

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

the devil

i have decided once again that school is the devil and so instead of actually doing something about it and being productive i must write something here. not that i really have anything to say and not that it even matters but just on general principles. if anyone has any ideas on what i should write to the judge in hillsboro to try to get my ticket to go away that would be wonderful. i need your advice within approximately the next 30 minutes however which would be about 215 my time on tuesday. the devil the devil!