Wednesday, October 12, 2005

engineering sucks at life

so im sitting here supposed to do my electrical homework but i cant. so i borrow finished homework from this guy in my class (cuz i have different number to type into the computer) and i still cant do it so i thought i would write here as no one else seems to very often ::cough:: ::cough:: even though they specific instructions on how to keep my attention occupied. i have 5 hours to complete my homework. this sounds like a lot but when dealing with electrical nonsense it is not near enough time. ugh. im sorry that your life will from this point forward be miserable tommy. anyway i guess ill try again. ick. WRITE SOMETHING RIGHT NOW!!!!! or i will eat you. have a good night. i might be drinking later after this homework goes away (even though it is wednesday) so if you wish to be amused give me a call. much love. but i will still eat you.


Blogger Tommy said...

Look at me, im posting comments...mwahhahahah(sung to a made up tune in my head).... yeah so im pretty much the coolest person hows you life of mediocrity? hmmmmm? Jk. holla ( pretty pointless post eh?)

October 14, 2005 at 6:59 PM  

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