Wednesday, November 16, 2005


I'm just going with the fam. i really do wish i could sty though. i miss you guys tons and we don't get very many chances to hang out at all. I am excited to just get away for a while though. i really do think this down time will be good for me. by the way you still have to call me lynsey. what gives you can't be that busy. just give me a call. i mean come on what if a giant meteor came hurling down blowing up the city zoo's gates and all of the monkeys escaped running rampant throughout the city causing a riot in albuquerque which in turn leads to a new government experament to control the masses and then the experament goes horribly wrong and all of the machines get a mind of there own and start to stratigicly take out all of the major governmental leaders until the only ones left are those who have the courage to fight making it imperative for a world-wide resistance meaning that all money in the world will be tied up causing a very drastic drop in potatoe chip stocks making ireland very open to attack which causes a large threat to the entire european continent thus destroying england our main allie in the war against the machines making it simply impossible to find any thing to do but fight or parachute/parasail meanwhile Cody being not so caught up in all the world news decides to go parasailing and he forgets to tie his shoelaces and falls into a bottomless pit that fell from the land of unicorns thus killing himself. what happens then huh!?!?!? then you will never be able to see me again. i rest my case!


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November 16, 2005 at 6:16 PM  

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