Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Hola a todos!!

Hola amigos!! Ahora todavia estoy en Argentina y se echo de menos a ustedes mucho! Estoy divirtiendome mucho pero hay unas cosas que son bastante diferentes y que se echo de menos! Por ejemplo, la comida. Yo quiero comer un desayuno americano. Quiero papas con chile verde, tortillas, y papas. El resto de la comida sabe a gloria pero el desayuno no es bastante suficiente. Solamente se come unas medialunas (croissants). Yo espero que ustedes me envien un email porque si tengo que pagar en un locutorio (cyber cafe) para usar la Red, yo quiero leer mensajes de mi familia y de mis amigos en vez de solamente unas noticias o unos ads. El español también es tan diferente que el de mexico y entonces de los Estados Unidos. Aqui, ellos se pronuncian cosas diferentes como el sonido de la "ll" como en la palabra en ingles "beige". La fin de semana que paso, fuimos a las Cataratas de Iguazu y ellos fueron maravillosos!!! Yo tengo muchas fotos para que ustedes puedan ver la ciudad de Buenos Aires y Argentina en general :) OK ahora, tengo que hacer la tarea y pagar por usar la Red. Hasta regreso o en otro tiempo, Lynsey

Saturday, May 06, 2006

I'm Finished

Well guy's, it's the end of another piontless school year i am, once again, no where closer to being finished. Man i hate school. but oh well i can't do anything about it really. i simply have to keep trudging through the endless academic beating that is UNM. i know, i know. UNM isn't what i would call a difficult college either, but that makes it no less irratating to my senses, or my soul. Man i can't stand it!! i didn't really want to complian the whole time on this thing but i suppose i'm just in that particular mood at the moment. My apologies to all who happen to read this pointless rant on how school will undoubtably be the death of me. The real funny thing is not that i'm writing this to you all, but that i'm writing about it right after my final. a final that i was out of most likely 45 minutes before anyone else. Spanish, such an easy course for some and for others it is the exact point where sanity and crazy decide to mingle and sit down for a lovely pot of tea. I submit that for all it is another way for the world to tell you that you have not learned enough to truely succeed in life, no matter what dialect you choose to master. I feel that a little more of me has been given to the one thing i can't get it back from, College. I know that you are all more than happy to know that school is coming to an end, as am i, however may i say to you all that i Love you from the bottom of my uneducated heart and say to you that you are all perfect the way you are. school truely has no value on what you want to be and where you want to go. It is simply another way for you to shine on the world with everything you have been given and everything you want to obtain. if you find yourself wanting to give up because of what the world screems in your face remember that true happiness is found in knowing your selfworth and all of you are worth the world to me. know this and have an awesome break. wether i see you or not, i will always keep you in my prayers. I pray that God shines on you all with the Love he has shown me through you. I pray he gives you a joy that no amount of schoolwork can shut down or hinder. I love you guys. Always. your brother forever, Cody

Monday, May 01, 2006

Hey kids!

I was just going through my old mail on my AOL account (175 messages) and I found one about the blog so I thought, hey, why not! Well, tomorrow is my last day of class and exams begin on Friday. Good times, good times. Tomorrow is our Mane Event celebration where we have tons of free food, games, prizes, and lots of other stuff. It is kind of like a carnival and it is oh so fun so I can't wait for that. I miss all of you guys so much! I am set to come home May 12th so lets hang out soon! I love you all tons!!